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Feather Nape Razor Blades 10 pack

Feather Nape Razor Blades 10 pack blades features a mesh guard wrapped around the cutting edge to prevent the blade from cutting into the skin. This guard allows hairdressers to use this blade on their clients and achieve those final touches with a razor that really make a haircut go from good to great. Because of its small design, it's is easy to maneuver in tight areas such as the bikini line, the nape of the neck or other areas of the body for a soft smooth shaving experience. The Nape Blade fits in the Nape & Body Razor. When a blade gets dull, simply replace the blade. The Nape Blades come in a pack of 10 blades.

Made In: Japan
Vendor: Feather
$11.25 / Each

Feather Razors

Made In Japan