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Beuy Pro Cesibon 20 Hair Comb

Beuy Pro Cesibon 20 Hair Comb is a classic 7.0 inch cutting comb, now in White. The tooth pattern varies from medium to fine.The Beuy combs are know for their durability and are unbreakable with normal use. The Cesibon comb has a textured organic finish for a non slip grip, and easy to hold and use.The Cesibon 20 is designed with a slight flex to be able to judge and feel to contour of the head.

Color: Green;White
Full Length: 7.0 inch
Heat Resistant: Heat Resistant
Made In: Japan
Material: Plastic
Vendor: Beuy

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Green ( $5.00 )
White ( $5.00 )
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Total:  $5.00