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Shisato Mirage B Hair Thinning Scissor

Shisato Mirage B Hair Thinning Scissors are unique blenders that teeth on both blades, and do not leave a perceptible line in the hair. Designed with Japanese V-10 Cobalt Steel, and comfortable ergonomic hand design. Hair removal is less than other blenders with same amount of teeth due to twice the amount of gaps both on top and bottom blades. We feel this is one of the best blenders for men's hair cuts, and scissor over comb that we have seen. Any stylist will be impressed with the great performance and smooth cutting of these unique blenders.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Korea
Material: Cobalt Steel
Teeth: 15;30;35
Vendor: Shisato

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Mirage B Thinners - 15-tooth ( $289.00 )
Mirage B Thinners - 30-tooth ( $289.00 )
Base Price: 289.00
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List Price:   $309.00
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