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Sensei EVO-T 35 Hair Thinning Shears Sizes: 6.25 inches

Sensei EVO-T 35 Hair Thinning Shear is a state of the art blending shear. The steel of high quality Cobalt Molybdenum Alloy from Japan. A ball bearing tension system will give smooth blending and comb out performance. Metal to metal were is eliminated by Polymer Glide pivot inserts. The handle is a version of the original Hineta crane design. The soft slant of the teeth provide a softer more natural finish. Each tooth has a step down for free release which also create more space between the teeth for slice cutting in thicker sections.

Edge: Convex
Made In: Japan
Material: Cobalt Steel
Teeth: 35
Vendor: Sensei
You Save:$50.00

Model: EVT35
Sizes: 6.25 inch
Teeth: 35-tooth